Josh Malerman

During the first seven days of its release, 45 million Netflix accounts worldwide watched the film Bird Box, making it the most successful first week for a Netflix film to date. The man behind the idea and The New York Times bestselling book: novelist, songwriter, and MSU College of Arts & Letters English alumnus Josh Malerman...

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Amber Elby

I am currently a professor at Austin Community College. I teach Composition and British Literature. I have also just released my debut novel, Cauldron's Bubble.

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Justin Gould

My work is focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP)—a field which combines computer science, linguistics, statistics, and advanced mathematics to process and analyze large amounts of natural language text.

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Rosemary Erickson Johnsen

MSU English alumna Rosemary Erickson Johnsen has received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to create a course that utilizes literature, films, and outside speakers to help veterans and active military members better understand their experiences...

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Andrea Poole

MSU alumna Andrea Poole was promoted to Vice President at Martin Waymire, a public policy communications company located in Lansing, Michigan.

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