The Department of English at Michigan State University aims to promote practices in teaching, scholarship, and service that dismantle power structures that oppress and challenge institutionalized practices that exclude, in the hope of creating a more equitable world. Our department seeks to champion the inclusion, support, and creations of safe learning environments that include spaces for race, gender, class, sex, sexuality, ability, religion, etc.  It is our hope that through the implementation of these practices we can reimagine our world as one where our differences can be both acknowledged, respected, and considered. 

2021-22 Members: Pete Johnston (chair), Salah Hassan, Swarnavel Pillai, Kuhu Tanvir, Divya Victor, Naajidah Correll (graduate student rep)


To advise the Chairperson on matters of departmental policy, and to serve as a standing advisory committee on personnel matters, that is, hiring, tenure, reappointment, promotion, salaries, and appointments and nominations to Department, College, and University committees.

2021-22 Members: Steve Deng, Pete Johnston,  Sandra Logan, Gordon Henry, Ellen McCallum, Divya Victor,  Katie Knowles (graduate student representative)


The Graduate Committee is responsible for all areas concerning graduate education in English (e.g., recruitment, graduate curriculum and degree requirements, admissions criteria, and course offerings). Members of the Graduate Committee will serve as the Graduate Admissions committee; implementation of recruiting plans, review and rank graduate student awards, fellowships, and prizes; participate in graduate recruitment activities; and participate in a series of professionalization proseminars required for first-year graduate students.

2021-22 Members: Kristin Mahoney (chair), Zarena Aslami, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Kuhu Tanvir, Lauren Crawford (graduate student rep)


The Undergraduate Committee shall exercise delegated responsibility in all areas concerning undergraduate education in English, including programs, curriculum, instruction, pedagogy workshops and classroom observation, the awarding of scholarships/prizes, and assessment.

2021-22 Members: Jeff Wray (chair), Sheila Contreras, Lyn Goeringer, Josh Lam, Vanessa Aguilar (graduate student rep)


The primary purpose of the Salary Committee is to solicit, receive, and evaluate materials for merit salary adjustments, and to make recommendations to the Chairperson of the Department regarding the award of merit salary adjustments. The Salary Committee will also identify progress of faculty members toward RPT actions. The Salary Committee shall also be the peer review group with whom the Chairperson of the Department consults regarding other kinds of salary adjustments, including equity adjustments and market adjustments.

2021-22 Members: Steve Arch (chair), Steve Deng, Juliet Guzzetta, Bill Johnsen, 


The SEEO Committee is responsible for enhancing the undergraduate and graduate student experience, advising on the Department’s study abroad programs, coordinating engaged learning and co-curricular opportunities for students, and leading the Department in a range of public outreach efforts, including pursuing connections with local schools and institutions. The committee will work collaborative our student groups, including Sigma Tau Delta, the Students of Color group, the NCTE chapter, and the Film Club, among others.

2021-22 Members: Julian Chambliss (co-chair) Joshua Yumibe (co-chair), Katie Simon (Academic Advisor), Jada Similton (graduate student rep), Mary Telly (undergraduate rep). 

Responsibilities: The Speakers Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating a robust slate of speakers whose work is connected to faculty and graduate student research interests and interests of undergraduates. The members of the Speakers Committee coordinate the department’s annual Research Workshops, and collaborate on additional event planning.

2019-20 Members: Zarena Aslami, Scott Michaelsen, Ellen McCallum, Julian Chambliss; graduate student reps: Marisa Mercurio, Bruno Ford, Justin Wigard, Zack Kruse, Jessica Stokes, Michael Stokes