The Honors Program in English enhances the general studies program by offering students in the Honors College faster-paced, more in-depth, and theoretically advanced options. Many honors students choose to pursue graduate or professional study, and they use the flexibility and rigor of their studies in English to prepare themselves for challenging futures. Working closely with a faculty advisor, students are also encouraged to complete an Honors senior thesis. Topics range from linguistics to literary theory to film studies to creative writing. Chances are, if we teach a subject, students can write a thesis on it!

Academic advising is a crucial aspect and invaluable benefit for Honors students.  In order to take maximum advantage of the Honors program in English as well as myriad opportunities in the department and on campus, students are strongly encouraged to meet with the English Department Advisor, regularly – once a year minimum.  Students are also encouraged to meet with the Honors College advisors on a regular basis. 

Honors Program Curriculum

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the following Honors enhanced curriculum as part of their chosen academic program in the department (Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Popular Culture, Secondary Education):

  • ENG 211H – Honors Foundation in Literary Studies (substitutes for ENG 210 – Foundation in Literary Studies)
  • ENG 480 or ENG 481 or ENG 482 or ENG 802 – Seminars in Literary Criticism and Theory
  • ENG 492H – Honors Seminar in English
  • ENG 489H – Senior Honors Independent Project (thesis)