Meet Your Advisors!

                                         Kate Simon


                                Location: Zoom/remote

                                            Amy Lampe


                                Location:  113 Auditorium                                                       (MSU Auditorium) and virtual, via Zoom

What is Academic Advising? (from the College of Arts and Letters,

Academic advising is an important form of teaching that takes place outside the classroom. Through a variety of contacts and consultations, academic advisors can help you take full advantage of the opportunities at MSU.

At its most basic form, academic advising focuses regular attention on your progress toward meeting graduation requirements. But academic advising can also open doors for both personal and professional development.

Advisors are familiar with the full range of University resources designed to provide support for students outside the classroom–such as the Counseling Center, Learning Resource Center, Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, University Ombudsperson’s Office, Office of Financial Aid, and Career Services Network. Advisors are also knowledgeable about University policies and procedures, so they can assist students with a wide range of special problems, such as how to arrange participation in a Study Abroad program or how to manage absences from class or withdraw from the University due to a personal emergency.

Scheduling Appointments

Current MSU Students:  All undergraduate English and Film Studies majors should make an appointment at least once every year with the department advisor for course, program, and career planning. To schedule an advising appointment, go to the online scheduling system – 

Prospective students:  E-mail Kate at to get connected!

Information by E-mail

The department advisor regularly sends out information via e-mail to English and Film Studies majors and minors regarding scheduling changes, internship possibilities, special events, and other opportunities available. It is important for all students to regularly monitor their MSU e-mail accounts in order to get this information.  Students are also encouraged to monitor the department’s social media channels (@MSUEnglish1855 on Facebook; @MSUEnglish on Twitter and Instagram) to learn of department, college, and university-wide news.

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies:

If a student has particularly difficult circumstances arise in program planning, or has a complaint, problem, or request about any aspect of the undergraduate academic experience, they are encouraged to reach out to the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies.

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies

Professor Jeff Wray
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Office:  C638 Wells Hall