Faculty Publications

A Companion to the Global Renaissance: Literature and Culture in the Era of Expansion, 1500-1700 – Dr. Jyotsna Singh

A Temporary Future: The Fiction of David Mitchell – Dr. Patrick O’Donnell

The American Novel Now: Reading Contemporary American Fiction Since 1980 – Dr. Patrick O’Donnell

The Cambridge History of Gay and Lesbian Literature – Dr. Ellen McCallum

Queer Times, Queer Becomings – Dr. Ellen McCallum

Madras Studios: Narrative, Genre, and Ideology in Tamil Cinema – Dr. Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai

Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema – Dr. Joshua Yumibe

Shakespeare and Postcolonial Theory – Dr. Jyotsna Singh

Texas Girl – Dr. Robin Silbergleid

Frida Kahlo, My Sister – Dr. Robin Silbergleid

The Dream Life of Citizens: Late Victorian Novels and the Fantasy of the State – Dr. Zarena Aslami

David Lynch – Dr. Justus Nieland

Coinage and State Formation in Early Modern English Literature – Dr. Stephen Deng

Brutal Vision: The Neorealist Body in Postwar Italian Cinema – Dr. Karl Schoonover

Companion to an Untold Story – Dr. Marcia Aldrich

No Sympathy for the Devil: Christian Pop Music and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism – Dr. David W. Stowe


Our faculty and graduate students publish regularly in academic journals and creative publications. But they also make significant contributions to the discipline by serving as editors, on editorial boards, or on editorial staffs.

Currently, our faculty and students serve in editorial positions for the following journals:

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