Learn about where recent MSU English Department grads work:

What They Do

  • Development and Production Assistant
  • Copywriter
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Communications and Public Relations Specialist
  • Reading Corps Tutor
  • Information Developer
  • Customer Relations Manager
  • Site Coordinator
  • School Principal
  • Travel Director
  • Creative Materials Coordinator
  • Client Relations Associate
  • Associate Editor
  • Cultural Competency and Outreach Program Developer
  • Technical Communicator
  • Grant Program Analyst
  • Breaking News Reporter

Where They Work

  • Austin Financial Group
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Gannett Company
  • Gillespie Group
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • NBC Universal
  • Aimia
  • Techsmith Corporation
  • 826Michigan
  • MARS Advertising
  • Epic Systems Corporation
  • AT&T

Recent Film Studies graduate career placements:

  • Assistant to the Producer (Color Force Productions)
  • Research Analyst for Innovation (Walt Disney parks and Resorts Digital)
  • Production Coordinator (Trailer Park Inc.)
  • Stuntman (Cast It Talent)
  • Video Producer/Manager (Michigan Creative)
  • Production Intern (Conan)
  • Project Manger (Girl Scouts Heart of Mid-Michigan)
  • Videographer (Michigan AFL-CIO)
  • Programming Lead (Entertainment Tonight)


Any job that makes use of the skills we teach in classes in the department—including writing, editing, proofreading, or teaching—could serve as an internship. If you show us that your potential internship will help you develop the “real-world” skills listed here, we will approve the internship for English department credit. Practically speaking, students have completed internships in various areas, including banking, non-profit fundraising, editing, literacy volunteering, public relations, advertising, law, higher education, film production, and so on.

How does a student arrange an internship?

The English department does not arrange internships for students; it merely oversees the internship. Students are responsible for locating an internship, with the help of the Department of English advisor and faculty, the College of Arts and Letters, the Excel Network, and the Career Services Network. The Department does keep a file of previous internship requests, as does the College of Arts and Letters (located at 200 Linton Hall).

How many credits can a student earn for an internship?

Internships through ENG 493 can take place during fall, spring, or summer. The amount of credit varies, depending on how much time is dedicated to the job weekly. A four-credit internship equals approximately 20 hours per week during a full semester; a three-credit internship equals 12–15 hours per week; a two-credit internship equals 7–10 hours per week; and a one-credit internship equals three–five hours per week.

Who is eligible to do an internship?

To be eligible for an internship, a student must be an English or Film Studies major, must have completed a minimum of 15 credits in the English department, must be a junior or senior, and must gain the approval of the department (i.e., the associate chairperson for undergraduate studies).

What are the requirements for completing an internship?

To complete an internship, students must submit these materials to the department by the last day of classes during the semester (internship packets with more information available here and in C614 Wells Hall):

  • Portfolio of work completed on the internship
  • Weekly log of duties assigned and completed during the internship
  • Five-page reflective essay on the internship experience
  • Brief evaluation of the internship program by student
  • Employer’s evaluation of student
  • Note: These materials are to be submitted to the Associate Chairperson for Undergraduate Studies by the end of the semester in which the internship was completed, who will assign the student a numeric grade.

How does an internship count toward an English degree?

The internship (ENG 493) is one of several options for the requirement of a senior capstone in English. All students are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities. Discuss senior capstone options, as well as internships, with the advisor.

How does a student enroll for internship credit (ENG 493)?

Students can access the internship packet here or at the English Department (C614 Wells Hall).  The packet includes the Internship Agreement Form, which must be completed and submitted to the Associate Chairperson for Undergraduate Studies PRIOR to the start of the internship.  Questions about enrollment in ENG 493 or the internships in general can be directed to the advisor.