For Both MA and PhD Programs:

1. Independent Study Form: If a student wishes to take an independent study, the form must be filled out completely and signed by the student, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, and the instructor with whom the student wishes to work. The student will then be enrolled for the amount of credits listed on the form.

2. Responsible Conduct of Research RCR Training Completion FormFor students who enroll in Fall 2016 and thereafter, use this form to track completion of university requirements for RCR. Student should fill out and give a hard copy to the Graduate Secretary every year (or maintain an electronic copy in a safe place and email to the Graduate Secretary every year). The Graduate Secretary will record the student’s completion of “Initial” and “Annual” training in GradInfo.

3. Annual Progress Reports for Master’s Plan A, Master’s Plan B, and Doctoral StudentsUsed to track and evaluate progress. Student should schedule an annual meeting with their advisor (for MA students: the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies; for PhD students: the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and then, when they have selected one, their Guidance Committee Chair) every year. Students should fill out their section and bring the form for their advisor to fill out the rest. Student should keep a copy of the final version and give one copy to the advisor and one copy to the Graduate Secretary to keep in their student file. University form.

4. Request Extension (Due to Delay in Submitting Final MA Thesis or Doctoral Document to the Graduate School): If a student has taken more than 1 semester to submit their thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School, they must sign this form. The form is sent to the College Dean and the Graduate School.

5. Letterhead for internal letters of recommendation: To be used for all internal letters of recommendation within the English Department. Please fill out the top, add your signature, and send to faculty from whom you are requesting letters of recommendation for departmental awards, applications, etc.

6. Research Assistantship Form: When commencing a new research assistantship, please ask the faculty member with whom you will be working to fill out the attached form. Submit signed form to Marina Valli to be added to your file.

7. Travel Request Forms and Instructions:
Department Travel Request Form – Cycle 1
Department Travel Request Form – Cycle 2
The Graduate School Travel Fellowship Funding App

MA Only:

1. Master’s Application to Accelerate: Used to accelerate from the M.A. to the Ph.D. program. Does not guarantee admission to the Ph.D. program. Must be submitted no later than the last week of classes in the student’s 2nd semester as an M.A. student. Department form only.

2. Master’s Thesis Proposal Form: Used to describe thesis, provide a tentative schedule for completion, and finalize thesis advisor. Must be submitted at the beginning of the student’s 2nd year of the M.A. program. Student must have two semesters of two credits of ENG 899 or one semester of four credits of ENG 899. Student must enroll themselves or request enrollment from the Graduate Secretary if enrollment is not possible. Department form only. 

PhD Only:

1. Change in Guidance Committee Report FormUsed to change guidance committee members, committee chair, changes in course requirements, languages, comp areas, dissertation field, etc. There is no due date and can be used at any time of the student’s time in the program, but all changes must be made and filed before the student defends. Sent to College Dean’s office, guidance committee, student and a copy remains in the department. 

2. Comprehensive Exam Proposal and Reading Lists Approval Form: Used to state major field, critical problem area and show approval of the student’s guidance committee before being submitted to the graduate committee for review and approval. Student must submit the form before the end of their 3rd year. Department form only. 

3. Record of Written Comprehensive Exam: Signed by the student’s committee to acknowledge successful completion of the student’s written comprehensive exam. Form is signed at the student’s oral examination, 2 weeks after their written examination. If the student has not passed their written comprehensive exam, the guidance committee must convey that to the student and the form will not be signed until successful completion. Comprehensive exams must be completed by the end of the student’s 4th year. Department form only.

4. Record of Oral Defense of Written Comprehensive Examination: Signed by the student’s committee to acknowledge successful completion of the student’s oral comprehensive examination. Form is signed at the student’s oral examination which must be given 2 weeks after the student’s written examination. If the student does not pass their oral examination, the guidance committee must convey that to the student and the form will be marked as “failed” and placed in the student’s file. The student has one additional opportunity to pass the oral examination. A copy of the questions that served as the basis for the oral examination must be attached. Comprehensive exams must be completed by the end of the student’s 4th year.  Department form only. 

5. Record of Pre-Dissertation Examination: Signed by the student’s committee to acknowledge successful completion of the student’s pre-dissertation examination. The examination is determined by the student’s committee either as an informal meeting or an actual defense. Pre-dissertation exam must be taken by the beginning of the student’s 2nd semester as a 5th year. Department form only.

6. Dissertation and Oral Examination Requirements for Doctoral Degree Candidate: The student’s committee chair should send an email to the Graduate Academic Program Coordinator to acknowledge successful defense of the student’s dissertation. The dissertation defense should be before the student’s 8th year. The student should submit an electronic EDT Approval Form, which routes to the committee chair and The Graduate School. When the EDT form is approved and the ProQuest document is final, The Graduate School will mark the final dissertation milestone complete in degree audit. This allows the department, college, and Registrar’s Office to confer the degree. Students must apply for graduation.