Tiffany Chantel Whittington

I am teaching the English language, as well as serving as a cultural ambassador and participating in various cross cultural activities. In this position, I have the opportunity work besides experienced Taiwanese teachers.

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Rebecca VanAcker

In college, I had no idea my love of pop culture would lead to a career in the entertainment industry. However, looking back, talking with my friends at MSU helped foster my passion for TV and movies, which is an essential part of my job today.

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Caitlin Vander Meulen

Some of my most memorable moments happened when I was working on my thesis. For the first time in my life, I had dedicated time to spend writing the beginning to my memoir.

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Arik Hardin

Once he arrived at the DPI, Hardin connected with Carl Lennertz, Director of the Children’s Book Council, where he briefly volunteered. Through this volunteer experience, Hardin secured a job as an Editorial Coordinator at McGraw-Hill.

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Zack Pohl

A 2006 graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Arts & Letters, Pohl is the Communications Director for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a position he’s held since January 2019 after managing communications for Whitmer’s gubernatorial race.

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Carter Moulton

Carter Moulton, who received a BA in Journalism with a minor in Film Studies from Michigan State University in 2011, is now a PhD candidate in Screen Cultures at Northwestern University, where he researches media industries, fandom, and transmedia tourism.

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Cicely C. Mitchel

Cicely C. Mitchel, who graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in English and concentrations in Education and Theatre, is the creator and voice behind this animated children’s show, which follows Reba on fun adventures as she helps her friends and family with various tasks such as recycling and homework.

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Will Branch

An English degree may seem like an unlikely career path for a culinary entrepreneur, but to Michigan State University alumnus Will Branch, his B.A. in English has proved to be the perfect ingredient upon which he built a successful artisan sausage company.

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Angela Magbag

Alumna Angela Magbag, who graduated from Michigan State University in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, is now an advisor for MSU’s College Advising Corps (MSUCAC), which places recent MSU graduates in high schools throughout the state of Michigan...

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Josh Malerman

During the first seven days of its release, 45 million Netflix accounts worldwide watched the film Bird Box, making it the most successful first week for a Netflix film to date. The man behind the idea and The New York Times bestselling book: novelist, songwriter, and MSU College of Arts & Letters English alumnus Josh Malerman...

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