Kianna Delly

Position: MSU Press Intern
Major: Arts & Humanities and English

How did your MSU education help prepare you for, and spark your interest in, the MSU Press Internship?

Working with the literary journals and zines that are created at MSU really inspired me to get more involved in the process of helping literature come to life.

Did you have any mentors at MSU Press that you would like to mention and how did they help you?

Catherine and Caitlin have been wonderful mentors. They’ve given me great advice on what to expect in a publishing career. Everyone at the Press has been great as well, they’re all so easy to work with and answer any questions I have.

What were the most challenging aspects of the internship, and what aspects did you enjoy the most?

The most challenging part of the internship is trying to balance working for MSUP and my course work, but the Press has been very accommodating with my schedule. I have very reasonable hours and I’m not expected to do or attend anything that would conflict with my classes or other extracurriculars.

How did the internship influence your education pursuits, future career interests, and/or life?

This internship has helped me decide on what I want to do in the future. I’ve learned so much about publishing and gained experience working in different departments at the Press. I can better envision how publishing will fit into my future career.