A man in a dark room wearing a plaid shirt standing in front of a robot statue and posing in a similarly statuesque manner.

Michael StokesDisability Studies, Science Fiction/Horror , Critical Race, Popular Culture, Film Theory

Office: C707 Wells Hall
Email: stokesm7@msu.edu
Website: stokesm7.msu.domains

Michael Dale Stokes is a scholar whose work engages with the complex entanglements of disability narratives, science fiction/horror, critical race, and contemporary culture. He is a PhD student at Michigan State University and co-founder of the HIVES Research Workshop and Speaker Series. His work focuses on the literary figure of the mutant in science fiction pulps, film, and comics between 1904 and 1964. He is particularly interested in how the mutant moved from a ubiquitous focus of conversation to a stock trope of unspecific otherness. Michael’s work has been delivered in the Centre for Cultural and Disability Studies’ Disability and Emotion lecture series and published in The Museum of Science Fiction’s Journal of Science Fiction and The Journal of Analogue Game Studies.