MSU NCTE Student Group Wins National Excellence Award for Fourth Consecutive Year

For the fourth consecutive year, MSU’s National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) student organization has earned the NCTE Student Affiliate Excellence Award. The MSU group, which is affiliated with the Department of English, is one of four student organizations from across the country to receive this award this year, which recognizes student groups that meet the NCTE’s qualifications of excellence.

“To win four years in a row is really stunning,” said Associate Professor Emery Petchauer, the group’s faculty advisor. “It means that each year we have had students with an aggressive commitment to their growth as English teachers. They love to connect with one another and professionals in the state.”

MSU NCTE student group members

The MSU group looks to prepare future English teachers for their careers in the classroom and focuses on working diligently to support preservice and culturally conscious future English educators.

“Since the group is an official chapter of a national and state organization, they have to do certain things like meet regularly, adhere to its constitution, keep good records, communicate with members, and create opportunities for members to grow and develop,” Petchauer said.

The MSU NCTE signature event is its Teacher Speaker Series, where the group hosts an outstanding English educator from Michigan. Last year, the group featured Carrie Mattern, an educator from Flint who focuses on anti-racist teachings.

MSU NCTE President Maria Manolias

“MSU NCTE has prepared me for life as an educator in so many ways,” said Maria Manolias, President of the student group. “This year, we switched our focus to anti-racist teaching in the wake of the senseless deaths that continue to occur. The conversations about Black Lives Matter and anti-racist teaching are so necessary right now, so our club has come together to think about how we will educate to create change.”

The Student Affiliate Excellence Award will be presented to MSU’s NCTE student group during the NCTE Virtual Annual Convention, which runs November 19-22.

MSU NCTE Vice President Case deKoning

“This group defined my experience as an educator. Being a part of NCTE has allowed me to be 10 steps ahead of others in my degree,” said Case deKoning, Vice President of the group. “This club is the single greatest education resource I’ve found at MSU.” MSU students who want to be involved in NCTE can email the group at for more information. The group also can be reached on Instagram @MSUEngEd or on Twitter @SpartanEngEd.