The Popular Culture concentration at MSU, administered by the Department of English is designed to provide students opportunities for in-depth study of popular culture texts, trends, and topics across a range of media. The concentration includes study of critical approaches and methods of research in popular culture studies, as well as opportunities for practical experience with the Journal of Popular Culture or by engaging in scholarly conferences or public conference events that center on science fiction and fantasy, comics, gaming, and pop music. The concentration draws on the extensive resources in MSU Libraries’ Special Collections and other library collections such as detective fiction, video games, and comic art, offering students options to explore in depth the world-renowned resources available at MSU.

ENG 142 – Introduction to Popular Literary Genres is a common starting point for students interested in Popular Culture Studies. The requirements for the Popular Culture concentration are:

  • ENG 210: Foundations of Literary Study I (3 credits)
  • ENG 340: Theory and Methods of Popular Culture Studies (3 credits) [replaces ENG 280 requirement]
  • ENG 320A, B, or C: Literary History (4 credits)
  • ENG 342: Readings in Popular Literary Genres (3 credits) [fulfills genre requirement]
  • ENG 325: Readings in Graphic Narrative (3 credits) [or 342 with different topic]
  • ENG 440: Seminar in Popular Culture Studies (3 credits) [fulfills post-1800 requirement]
  • Diversity Literature (3 credits): 350-356, 360, 405, 448-450, 460, 466, 482, or FLM 450-253
  • Pre-1800 (3 credits): 315, 324, 368, 441, 454, 455, or 457
  • Capstone (4 credits): 484A, B, or C; 489H or 499; 493; or ENG 4xx + ENG 400

Any remaining 36-40 credits are filled by English electives.