Man with long hair and blue sweater looking back at a black and white wall of comics.

Sean Guynes

C20-C21 American Literature and Culture, Speculative Fiction, American Empire


Sean Guynes is a cultural historian of politics, power, and belonging in American popular culture. He works primarily on American Cold War history and the cultural politics (and representations) of socialism, libertarianism, and anarchism in the U.S. Within these frames he studies issues of empire, capitalism, whiteness, masculinity, and political radicalism/reactionism through the lens of popular culture and genre fiction, especially science fiction, alternate history, and horror. He is currently co-authoring Whiteness for MIT Press’s Essential Knowledge series and writing a book on Starship Troopers for Auteur Publishing. His dissertation, Forgotten Futures: How the Korean War Changed American Science Fiction, is currently under advance contract with University of Nebraska Press and is a study of how the Korean War’s legacies in American Cold War policy, public memory, and popular culture drastically shaped American science fiction in the 1950s and beyond.