Hui-Ling Maloe

Assistant Professor-Fixed Term
English Secondary Education


Hui-Ling S. Malone is an Assistant Professor of English Education at Michigan State University. She is a former secondary English teacher who has previously worked in various communities including Detroit, MI,  Los Angeles, CA, and the South Bronx, New York City. She received her doctorate degree at New York University in Teaching and Learning, with a focus on urban education. Malone is interested in language and literacy that sustain communities as well as young people. She draws upon culturally sustaining pedagogies and critical pedagogy as a framework to engage students and their communities to advance equity in schools. Her scholarship centers young people through leading YPAR groups, to researching with youth organizers and studying various youth learning experiences in and outside the classroom. Her research focuses on community centric practices through teaching and learning in hopes of strengthening relationships among students and surrounding school community members to address immediate social issues for the greater good of the collective.